A world of exceptional quality. Franque puts together compositions of the finest quality. From the refined and beautiful products that are Santa Maria Novella from Florence, Italy, to the sublime perfection of Cire Trudon perfumed candles from Normandy France, all which sit amongst hand-picked pieces from  buying trips to  France and Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands and other lesser-known European destinations.

The antique French oak dining tables, chandeliers, mirrors, armoires, chaises, linen, glassware, lighting, china and objects are complemented with a collection of contemporary fine art works by emerging and established Australian artists.

We continue to make regular buying trips and have cultivated a network of exceptional buyers on the Continent to ensure a constant stream of art and furniture harmonise beautifully  in ever changing arrangements.


The team at Franque have an extensive history in dealing with the best  luxury brands, fine art and antiques. We are interested in the relationship between them and how they co- exist in a space.

”As long as the piece is beautiful, whether it be a work of art a great piece of furniture or a hand crafted perfume, you are only limited by your imagination,”  

It is our ethos that quality is not a luxury but a way of  life.

The Franque salon is a natural evolution of our eye for interiors, fine art and impeccable international cult brands “We wantpeople to have an experience at Franque and be inspired by new possibilities.”